Who we are

Producing cosmetic raw materials -specialties- means taking responsibility for both the needs of the cosmetics industry as well as that of the final customers, the key stakeholders of a global market that, more than others, requires a constant and continuous drive towards innovation.

Since 2004, founding date of Res Pharma Industriale (RPI), we have always tried to be independent, thanks to our entrepreneurial nature, we have been interpreting the art of cosmetics in our own unique way, thus succeeding in identifying innovative approaches in research and production.

Our products are designed to become ingredients of cosmetic formulations whose prestige always meets the ability to simplify and render efficient the work of cosmetics companies.

We pride ourselves of being considered as a real Partner by each of our customers; we are knowledgeable of their field of expertise and of their market.
We face their same challenges; we are experts in finding individual solutions to increase their competitiveness and support them side-by-side through an efficient network of technical support and marketing.


"Unique and independent innovators, always by your side"


Res Pharma Industriale is a green company, congruent to its values as visible from the PantoneĀ® color of our logo.

What was, when our company was founded, the results of an entrepreneurial identity truly committed to environmental sustainability has now become strict adherence to international standards and certification systems.

Our cosmetic raw materials are designed and produced according to precise standards in accordance to our code of ethics and business conduct which is never a mere transposition of legislative requirements.

Certification systems such as RSPO, COSMOS and FAIRTRADE are some of the guidelines that steer our work as well as the that of a growing number of final customers in the global cosmetics market.

"Green means ethical and competitive"


Since our company was founded, Res Pharma Industriale's mission has always been enabling our partners to design, produce, market and promote highly competitive cosmetic products.
Every time our multidisciplinary team develops a new cosmetic raw material, we faithfully renew our commitment to respect and often anticipate the highest world standards in terms of quality, environmental sustainability, ensuring health and safety.
We guarantee these fundamental principles, which in turn become our pledge of competitiveness for all companies that choose our cosmetic ingredients.

Our Integrated Quality Management System operates in full compliance with the requirements of, among others, the following standards:

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System);
  • UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 (Quality Management System);
  • EFfCI Guidelines (Guide for Cosmetic Ingredients - revision 2017, including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Guide for Cosmetic Ingredients).

Not all cosmetic raw materials are the same, and final customers are aware of this.

Res Pharma Industriale's products allow the formulation of cosmetics in line with the most important international certification systems and standards, such as Ecocert, Cosmos, Natrue, RSPO and Fair Trade an increasingly influential element in the current dynamics of purchase.

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