In Res Pharma Industriale our drive towards innovation is a fundamental part of the corporate identity – for this reason we have made established an innovation center permanently dedicated to it.
Creativity and science are the two hemispheres of the Innovation Center that allow us to develop cutting-edge cosmetic raw materials, with which to create complete collections of modern cosmetic textures.

Our Technology Center thrives on a dual personality, an exceptional, vibrant blend of old and new: the "pioneers" of the Research & Development department, tireless explorers of new frontiers in the cosmetics market, and the "composers" of the Technical support of the Application Laboratory, always ready to assist our customers in identifying the perfect combination of cosmetic raw materials to meet the latest market trends.

Innovation in Res Pharma Industriale springs from our consolidated technical-creative approach created by the synergy of these two competencies. It allows us to offer original high-quality cosmetic specialties and textures, optimized to facilitate the industrial process of the customer's final product.

We are aware of the importance of the entire production process: our production facility is designed according to the highest industry standards and equipped with the most advanced analytical machinery; our raw materials undergo extensive testing to investigate the quality, safety and any potential further application.
To complete our validation process and adopt innovation branded Res Pharma Industriale, our Regulatory Team is committed to guiding our partners in the choice of products capable of combining commercial needs with regulatory requirements.


"Technical Competency and Creativity to go beyond ingredients"

Cosmetic Ingredients

Our wide range of cosmetic ingredients reflect our green entrepreneurial nature as well as our desire to fascinate the increasing number of final customers so careful to natural products and production.
Our products are specifically designed to offer the opportunity of developing natural (ECOCERT, COSMOS, NATRUE), sustainable (RSPO/Palm Oil-free, Fair Trade) textures with a strong appeal on the global market.

Sensory emulsifiers, natural solubilizing agents and active ingredients give life to a portfolio of specialtiesideal for developing innovative Skin Care lines.
Formulators and marketing managers
Our ideal "color palette" allows formulators and marketing directors to create unique products capable of eliciting emotions and passionwhich characterize the intricate interaction between a consumer and a product.
Res Pharma Industriale's water-soluble oils and botanical extracts have been for years the first choice of experts in the field for developing professional and innovative texturesfor the different and diverse products of Hair care segment, such as shampoos, lotions and hair masks.

Smart Solution

We pride ourselves of our partnership with each of the companies that choose our cosmetic raw materials.
We know how important it is for them to be efficient in their production processes in order to remain competitive in markets with a high concentration of players, such as Skin Care and Sun Care.
Res Pharma Industriale's Innovation Center has developed the RESCONCEPT and RESOLVING brands to respond to our partners' needs to develop quickly and simply ready-to-use high quality products.

With over a decade of experience, especially in the solar and wet wipes segments, we have created what we call Smart Solutions, concentrated hyperfluid emulsions and compositions of delicate surfactants that offer unprecedented competitive advantages:

  • easy-to-use
  • processable at low temperatures
  • ultra-fast production timeframes
  • logistical savings;
  • premium skin feel;
  • tailor-made solutions.

Whether you want to develop a consistent emulsion or a spray with a unique rheological profile or wet wipes for removing make-up or for baby care, our specialized team, thanks to RESCONCEPT and RESOLVING, is able to offer timely solutions which exponentially increase the efficiency of production processes.

RESCONCEPT encompasses a range of concentrated hyperfluid emulsions that can be used in a safe and simple manner to formulate Skin Care and Sun Care products or to increase the sensory perception of wet wipes. The process of use simply involves diluting them with water and customizing them with fragrances and functional ingredients.

Delicate surfactants, specifically designed for the development of products in the toiletries and wet wipes segments, are part of our RESOLVING collection; they represent top-in-class used for the production of micellar products such as micellar waters, make-up removers, shampoos, intimate washes and premium baby wipes.

"Our smart solutions, your masterpieces"

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