Product lines


An emulsion is much more than a cosmetic product: it should elicit a mixture of sensory perceptions between sight, touch and smell. We design our emulsifiers to be sophisticated cosmetic ingredients through which to experience multiple sensory perceptions. The EMULPHARMA® range offers cosmetic formulation expert's endless possibilities of creating emulsions which offer the final customer new and exciting sensory perceptions.


Based on the noble tradition of medicinal plants, RESPLANTA® are botanical ingredients designed for formulating precious cosmetic products with high sensory impact. The more experienced know well that the use of oils in water-soluble products is challenging and often presents unsurmountable difficulties in formulation. Through an environmentally sustainable trans-esterification production process, we obtain water-soluble oils. This allows our customers to use the more than 20 different oils in our catalog without addition of solubilizers retaining the perfect crystal-clear transparent property creations.


Cosmetic products, must not only be "used", but must also be "lived/be made own" by the final customers; they must convey engaging experiences through their unique fragrances. The distinguishing, most important characteristic of all those products that manage to stand-out from the hyper-competitive cosmetics market is precisely this attention to fragrances. The art of creating a fragrance entails the ability to optimize solubilization processes. Fragrances, essential oils and liposoluble substances can be added to cosmetic compositions using RESASSOL® solubilizers, which give life to all the desired notes without altering the delicate olfactory balance sought by formulators and marketing managers.


Foam represents the symbol of a daily cleansing ritual: it opens a world of fascinating and constantly changing geometries of toiletries each of which can be identified with a unique tactile imprint/halmark.

Enchanting, captivating, moisturizing, comforting at the disposal of formulators; an intense scale of notes for their creations

Resassol® specialties give personality and character to the cleansing products by allowing to play with sendory perceptions and with the afterfeel on the skin and hair.  Delicate, natural surfactants on the skin, which give perfection to foam or micellar formulations.


Thanks to its unique rheological properties and stability, RESCONCEPT® is acknowledged by the most experienced formulators as the range of hyperfluid emulsions par excellence. Easy to use as solid building blocks or to develop finished products in ultra-fast timeframes. Complete Skin Care lines can be created in a few simple steps using RESCONCEPT® emulsions which act as viscosifying agent at low temperatures. The Resconcept® range also offers ready-to-use innovative solutions for the creation of sun screens with different SPFs and functional applications such spray, aerosol or BOV (Bag-On-Valve) dispensers. That's right, there's a RESCONCEPT® for every need.


The efficacy of a functional ingredient can be described, but above all it must be demonstrated. The PANTROFINA® range consists of functional ingredients supported by rigid efficacy studies. Our PANTROFINA® products are in fact distinguished by the Evidence Based brand since we have carried out extremely strict efficacy protocols (in vitro and in vivo), never underestimating any aspect. We can therefore guarantee the efficacy of our active ingredients in a manifest, crystal-clear and unequivocal manner. PANTROFINA® allows formulation of truly effective cosmetic products: the final customers will have to acknowledge the results obtained, as those promised by the marketing department.